Out with the old.

I admit the last few days have been a bit paralyzing for me. As always, I have too many lofty goals and plans and not enough time to execute them all. I also have mountains of (work) responsibilities to deal with and I am cringing at the thought of having to take that all on. This week has been a small reprieve from all that I must do, allowing me to dream about all the things I want to do. ¬†My trick is inevitably to start with a manageable list so that I can breathe again and emerge from this frozen, numb state. I have a new set of paintings to start (canvases standing by, some sketches worked out, ideas fluttering around in my caged mind…) and I have neatly stacked piles of colourful material and beautiful dress patterns waiting to be made into fun little dresses. (I also have piles of stuff to sort through, closets and drawers to sort through and miscellaneous other boring, boring everyday trivialities to undertake. Nothing that I want to face). So today is for organizing, list-making, cataloguing and sorting. This new year has to be about prioritizing and simplifying so that the end result is contentment. In 2012, I have to be happy with what I am doing most every single day: with what I am producing, how I am spending my time and who I am spending it with. Because whether the Mayans are right or wrong, it’s all going to end at some point and how we spend our time is really what it’s all about.


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