Stretching My Wings.

El PistoleroWell, over the past three days, I decided to stretch my wings and try something new and set the stage for the upcoming year. I did some research on a famous cyclist, Alberto Contador, who won the Giro d’Italia this year and the coveted maglia rosa (pink jersey). Contador is considered to be the best climber and stage racer in the world and at just 24 he has so much potential and talent. After winning the Giro, he announced that he would compete in the Tour de France, hoping to win both titles this year. Unfortunately, after a series of mishaps and crashes, he ended up coming in 5th and losing to the Australian Cadel Evans. Contador was nicknamed El Pistolero (the gunner) by his fellow Spaniards because he is as fast as a bullet and his signature celebration move is shooting imaginary pistols into the air as he crosses the finish line. I thought it would be fitting to paint him in his pink Giro attire standing proudly and headless. This signifies his losing face. Along with that I put a bullet hole where his heart is, signifying the thought that many shared that Contador did himself in by competing in the Giro only a few months previous to the Tour. The yellow canary showcases his love of birds and how he raises canaries himself. It also signifies the coveted Tour de France winner’s yellow jersey that he missed out on. This piece was done in acrylics and it took me 3 solid days to paint. It is titled El Pistolero. It wasn’t an easy process. I second guessed myself a lot. But I am really happy with it overall as it is a departure from my normal easy graphic style. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, stretched my wings a little bit and ended up with a piece I am pleased with.


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