Awaiting Judgment: the next painting in the series.

I’ve just started a new painting in the cycling series. I am still exploring Alberto Contador as he really is fascinating subject matter. Plus, painting cyclists is awfully satisfying! Contador is still awaiting judgement over the alleged doping charges against him. The case is slow moving (initially starting in 2010) and Contador maintains his innocence, claiming the beef he ate on a free-day was contaminated. If the CAS rules against him, he could face a two-year ban and loss of his 2010 tour title.

P_AwaitingJudgement_inprogressIn this new painting, I am suggesting the long length of time gone by with the emptiness of the countryside (no fans to greet Contador) as he rides in with his signature winning hand-guns-in-the-air move. Over his headless/faceless body will be a daliesque type clock melting away… perhaps the colour of a halo, glowing. Once again, signifying the ridiculous amount of time gone by and Contador trying to save face. I’ve yet to figure the details of the painting out but I am pleased with how it is coming along so far.

I have more cycling sketches to work through and transfer to canvas. I have a self imposed deadline this weekend to get at least two paintings nearly complete. Most of all, I am really enjoying the painting process.


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