Awaiting Judgement: Final Painting.

I woke up this morning and finished the painting I started yesterday. I’m beyond pleased with this piece. I will admit that as I worked through the painting and my concept, I felt very nervous that it wasn’t going to end up as strong as my first painting of Contador. In the end, I feel I have painted a stronger piece both conceptually and artistically. I really did surpass my own expectations.

I’m now starting a piece using a few photos of Cadel Evans as reference. I am super excited about this next piece, partly because the reference I have is so clear and sharp. I just hope I can pull of the concept I have in mind.


Here is my explanation/justification for the painting. Enjoy!

In September 2010, Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador revealed that a urine sample he had given on a rest day in the 2010 Tour de France, had contained traces of clenbuterol. He stated, due to the number of other tests he passed and that only a tiny amount of the substance was detected in the one he failed, that food contamination was to blame. Contador stated that he was the victim, and he could “hold his head high” and that he thought he should not be punished. The painting depicts the long wait Contador has had to sustain while the Court of Arbitration for Sport publishes its ruling: crowds long gone, his “maglia rosa” faded, time up in the air, as Contador shoots his token victory hand pistols in the air across the finish line.”


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