Race Against the Clock.

I think the title of this painting is also a reflection of how I feel right now. I have a little over a month to get together enough paintings for a small show and I don’t feel as though I am far enough along to allow myself the luxury of picking and choosing pieces I want to show. I also don’t feel as though I have enough time to really explore painting styles that I am just discovering and starting to feel comfortable with. Now that I have committed to the show, I think that a smaller sampling of very good work is going to be preferable over throwing anything in to fill wall space. I mean, ultimately, I want to be proud of this body of work. I’m putting my entire being into it so I need to be happy with it!

Having confessed to that, this painting of Andy Schleck didn’t really end up the way I had sketched it out and pictured it working out in my head. I’m not unhappy with it but I’m not entirely happy with it either. I think it captures the overall feeling I was going for but it ended up looking more cartoony when I added in the thin black lines and I’m not happy with that. I felt I needed the edges to be better defined when I added the lines in but upon reflection, I think leaving it alone might have been preferable.
F_RaceAgainstTheClockRace Against the Clock, acrylic on canvas, 2012

The 26-year-old Luxembourger, Andy Schleck, started the penultimate 2011 Tour de France stage (a 42.5km individual time trial) in the yellow jersey but was unable to defend his position against Cadel Evans. Schleck started the 20th stage with a 53-second advantage over Evans, but ended the day in second place overall. The individual time trial has always been an Achilles’ heel for the cyclist who excels at mountain-climbing: “I know I’m lacking in the race against the clock. I have to gain power and strength and I have already started working on it. Not to mention my position on the bike that is not necessarily the best. I cannot lose the Tour again because of a time trial.”


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