Balancing Responsibility and Art.

Well, that pile of canvases sitting on my table, staring at me, is not going to get painted by itself. I know this well enough and have had to stop and stare at the pile sternly (on many occasions over the past month or so) and explain that I have certain responsibilities and work to get done before I can sit with it. Yes, I have ideas sketched out in my various sketchbooks, text output and inspiration pinned to the wall — I even have about 7 partly finished old canvases begging to be completed, but I simply don’t have time. Time is a luxury I can’t afford right now, even though my teaching is done for the summer. I still have so many other things on the go: volunteer work, logo designs, truck painting, freelance…but yes, I so need to paint.

Today I managed to get some chores done and then finish up some canvases. I promised myself that once I get the handful of old canvases completed, I can embark on the new work. Some collage and painting, still on the cycle theme as I am still hoping to show my work at Cyclelogic before the summer is up. I just hope they will still allow me to show. I mean, I know they will. Why wouldn’t they?

I’m really looking forward to a week away at a cottage at the start of July to really delve into the painting and emerge with some spectacular new pieces. For now, here’s one that I finished, I call it Flight of Birds.:


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