Slow and Steady


Exactly two weeks until my first solo show at a Cyclelogik, a little boutique cycle shop in Hintonburg that sells the most delicious coffee and supports local artists. I have been painting steadily, every day, for at least 8 hours. I feel inspired and happy but I wish I could paint faster and have twice as many pieces finished for my first exhibit. I know, I know, quality over quantity. I believe that. I just have these momentary panic attacks when I feel as though I should have more work. I have these momentary lapses of fear when I wonder what I am doing and if people will think my work is horrible and whisper that I really don’t know what I am doing. I mean, I think my work is good. I think the cropping and colour and subject matter is interesting. I think the technique is good. Maybe my friends and family members are just humouring me and being nice like my parents, who never really understood what I was studying or did for a living. “That’s nice, Andrea”, “Oh, I like that”, “Pretty colours in that piece”, etc.

I have found a lot of inspiration lately and have asked friends to paint from their photographs. My husband Scott had a nice stash of photos that he took at a criterium a few months back. So I have plenty of subject matter. I just wish I had more time and am going to have to use the next two weeks very frugally: quality over quantity.

Painted this piece after watching a Shit Cyclists Say youtube video. I hope to paint a few more of these: they were really fun.


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