12 days: the countdown begins

Yesterday I spoke on the telephone with a radio interviewer, Mitchell Caplan, who wants to talk with me on his show about my upcoming exhibit. I was speechless when he emailed (my heart up in my throat pounding away) but he was delightful to talk to and really put me at ease. I feel very honoured and humbled to be able to talk about my work and to promote the event. The live interview will take place August 1st at 5pm (CHUO FM89). I just hope something intelligent will come out of my mouth when I am on live radio.

I just finished up another painting over the weekend and I am aiming to have 5 more works completed before I hang everything at the end of next week. I have each piece sketched out, canvases leaning against eachother all ready and waiting.

Last week I went to Fat Moose Cycles and dug through an immense box of used bicycle tubes in their basement. There were hundreds to choose from but I selected 15 that I could use to frame my art with. The guy in the shop (Tom) seemed pleased that I was putting the tubes to good use and I am grateful that I don’t have to puncture Scott’s wheels to get his used ones. (I’m kidding, I’d never do that. Unless I was REALLY desperate. Which I’m not).

This abnormally warm weather and the fact that we don’t have air conditioning have not helped but focus is the key over the next 12 days. Have to buckle down now and get ‘er done.

This latest painting is based on a photograph that Scott took at the pro womens’ road race during the Gran Fondo Gatineau this summer. I’m pretty sure this is Julie Beveridge but she was part of a group so I can’t guarantee it is her for sure. I love the angle.



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