Two interviews and less than 10 days ’til my first solo show.

Another painting completed very late last night and now the single digit day countdown begins. I had two lovely chats with two young reporters this morning about my upcoming show, my artwork and where my inspiration comes from. They were both local journalists who cover stories in our neighbourhood and I was happy to have coffee with each of them at the Cyclelogik store. I was proud to show them my work, to talk about my process and to promote our little growing neighbourhood.…

Tonight I am heading up to the Gatineau Hills to photograph the Tall Tree’s Hell Climb for Ottawa Hospital’s Kidney Research Centre, which is a charitable event that times cyclists as they climb up a 6.2km hill. Some people come out on road bikes, some on mountain bikes, and some come out in costumes riding anything and everything possible. I’m hoping to snap some photo inspiration for the last few paintings I want to paint before my opening.

This painting is called Bike Polo Girls (Eve Tremblay Park) and is based on a couple of photographs snapped by Chris Plosaj.



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