Seven Days.

I’d love to finish up 5 more paintings in the last 7 days before my show but I’m not ready to sacrafice sleep and my sanity in order to do that. I had a quick lunch with my friend Ian yesterday and he suggested not filling in some of the areas of the paintings but leaving the lines there instead. This had been suggested to me before but this time I really thought about it when he suggested it. Since I work in sections anyhow and draw up the image on the canvas with distinct pencil lines, I could do this. In fact, while finishing up my latest painting of a female cyclist, I considered it for a moment before filling in all the spaces with colour. It actually looked quite interesting beforehand. (See what you think below).

I think I’m going to attempt the unfinished look on the next painting. A little experiment for the day. I’m excited!


One thought on “Seven Days.

  1. I agree. I have often found your in progress work as dynamic as your final work. In fact it would be neat at stop at different stages. One without background. One more of the subject like above. Still hoping to attend!!! 🙂

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