The finish line in sight.


I can’t believe it’s Sunday already. I have been painting every day for the past two months, steadily pacing myself towards the 3rd of August. It’s been exciting and challenging and every day I’ve had to wrestle with subject matter, sorting through photos, asking friends for photos, sizing and cropping, settling on a painting style and choosing colours. It’s been wonderful and I’ve enjoyed every step of it (well, except for when the varnish started drying on a painting while I was brushing it on and then started picking up paint and smearing the canvas and I had to peel it off taking up paint in the process and then repairing it was a nightmare that I am still unhappy about). Apart from that one episode, it’s been a fantastic and brilliant process of self discovery and gratitude. So much so, I wish I had more time to complete more work. Yes, I realize every artist must wish for that. Of course, I will continue to paint after these paintings are hung and the show is on in full swing. I already have a ne

w idea and new photos and subject matter at the ready (which I am very excited about exploring) for my next show of work. I plan to start steadily and have some work underwary before I approach a new place for a show. In my heart, I just wish I could put more time and exploration into the cycling theme. I have so many untapped ideas that still need working out.

Much like the athletes and cyclicts I watch and know, I have been cycling along steadily and faithfully. The event has been so enjoyable and a testament to all the years I have put into practicing my art. The final few days of the journey are going to be very satisfying and I know that crossing the finish line is going to be immensely rewarding. I can’t decide what I am most excited for: opening night and displaying all my work together or seeing all my friends in one venue. I’m proud of myself in so many ways, on so many levels, for this accomplishment. I hope everyone I know can appreciate the hard work and effort I have put forth.


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