A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with: a man is what he makes of himself

The opening evening was everything I had expected: great friends came to visit, fabulous eats (thanks to Jason of essence catering), wonderful venue (Cyclelogik was just big enough, with background music playing and a steady flow of drinks being poured) and a positive vibe with wonderful comments on my work and even some suggestions, which I took with an open, grateful mind. I sold a few pieces to people who were really excited about my work, chatted with them and thanked them. My sister sent me the most beautiful flower arrangement as she was out of town and couldn’t attend the evening and my heart felt huge in my chest. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Today, three days later, I still feel full, as though I have eaten a really gratifying meal, with perfectly matched wine. I can’t explain the feeling of satisfaction after weeks of really hard work and focus but it feels spectacular. I cleaned up my brushes and paints and organized my unused canvases. I put away the bicycle tires and varnishes and reference and I was smiling the entire time. The next few days I will devote to sewing dresses and skirts: something I have looked forward to for the past little while and something I need for the upcoming school year. My fabric has been all washed and pressed and waiting for me for a while now.

I already have plans for a new painting series. I am really excited and really inspired for this next new big challenge. It’s going to be an exciting project and I’m not going to unveil any of it until it is well underway and I can approach a gallery about exhibiting. The rest of this year is going to be really busy but I am looking forward to it more than I ever have been. You have to make your own opportunites and you have to work hard at achieveing them: that is the lesson I happily and willingly take away from these past few months.

Thomas & Liz and their well-timed beautiful gift; Me with a past student, Guylaine; Beautiful congratulatory flowers sent by my sister.

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