The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.


I’m not going to lie, I sincerely believe I am sitting in the most beautiful place on earth. It’s been five days of sight-seeing, swimming, snorkeling and taking in the beauty of my surroundings and I am still overwhelmed with Maui. Thankfully, we still have five more days of exploring ahead of us and there is still so much more to see.

I have never welcomed in a new year in another country, so far from home — although I have been in a plane en route to my home at the stroke of midnight. Welcoming in a new year, in a new place that is this beautiful really feels like you are resetting and starting again, fresh. It gives you opportunity to reflect on the last year and really plan for the new one ahead. This year, 2013, will certainly be a very busy, interesting one with many new starts, for my family and I. I’m excited! Our eldest daughter will be starting college this year. Our younger daughter will be finishing up her last year of high school and looking at University programs. My husband will be starting a new job and we will be doing more travelling this year. I am astounded at how much older our little girls are, what wonderful young women they are and am so very grateful for how close we all are.

As with any new year, I have resolutions, hopes and goals. My friend Janet posted her own resolutions on her blog and it made me think that this public pledge was a great idea. Doing this helps keep you honest, on track and accountable. Following suit, my 2013 resolutions this year are:

  1. Put more time/effort into being healthy and working out. I need to have a more consistent schedule overall and make time for my well-being. I don’t do that enough and with heart disease in my family, it’s kind of important to me. I resolve to work out more consistently.
  2. Make more personal art. I had such a great year of painting in 2012. It was SO rewarding on so many levels (met people, sold stuff, bettered my talents, learned things) and I want to continue that trend. I already have reference material for a new series so this year I resolve to paint more.
  3. Prioritize. I try to do everything for everyone and end up exhausted and frustrated (a lot of the time). Don’t get me wrong, I like being busy and I love helping people but this year I resolve to pick my charities more carefully and give of myself more prudently.
  4. Learn/try new things outside of my comfort zone. I’m such a creature of habit. Like most people, I tend to play it safe and stick to learning things just beyond my reach but I never extend my reach out too far. As I get older, I recognize this is happening more and more. So, this year, I resolve to reach way outside of my comfort zone to learn/try new things. I’m not sure what they are going to be but I resolve to look for more opportunities to expand my knowledge base.

I think that list is a good starting point and all points are attainable. I am off to the beach to look for marine life. Yesterday morning we were lucky enough to watch a sea turtle snack on some plant life about 5 metres from the beach. With our underwater gopro camera, we managed to get some spectacular photos. I mean, I can’t imagine taking any bad photos here. Aloha!



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