About Me


Where to begin? I think I can best be described as the sort of person who never feels like she is doing enough. I blame it on  my upbringing but cannot imagine being any other way. I feel I have an obligation to live my life as fully as possible: to try things, to go out on a limb, to make things, to learn, to connect people and to teach people, to inspire, to share and to offer up my (creative) talents to help people.

I find it very difficult to say No to opportunities and (too) often suffer the consequences of taking on too much and being overly involved. I am hard-working to a fault. I love being involved in projects but need to learn to choose my project involvement more carefully and not get taken advantage of. In my late 40s, I am still learning to speak up — the way I find my voice when I see an injustice taking place and (try to) defend the good and right. I love painting, sewing, teaching, anything type related, reading and riding my bicycle to school and back.


I practice Gratitude as much as possible. I am so grateful for everything I have and everyone around me. I have a husband who I absolutely adore, who supports me & encourages me and who has the patience of Job. I have two beautiful, talented daughters who understand me and put up with me: they are my best friends. I know some amazingly talented, good people who I am honoured to call friends. I have a wonderful life and I love life, with all its challenges, disappointments, lessons as well as moments that take my breath away. I think it’s a privilege to be here on this earth and to be allowed a little elbow room to make a tiny mark for myself.


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