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Take Delight in the Process.

Well, it’s been nearly a half year since I last posted something on my blog and to be fair, I am not at all to blame. I have agonized over not being able to post anything online since my blog on Posterous was shut down. They were kind enough to allow everyone to archive their information (big thumbs up for that) but I was still left feeling pretty empty without my posts. I had asked for help to set up a new, easy-to-maintain blog, but my circle of friends (and I) have been quite busy and as time moved on, I became pretty hopeless about the whole blog thing and pretty much gave up on it.

Last week, feeling particularly down, I summoned the courage to ask my friend Thomas to set something up for me. Something easy and simple. Well, Thomas obliged me in a snap — quickly, without hesitation, importing all the posterous information into this wordpress site and voila! here I am, so incredibly grateful and humbled. (I know that I’m ridiculous that way, always feeling that I’m less than deserving of peoples’ time and attention. I keep thinking I’ll outgrow it, but in my late 40s, I don’t know when that will actually happen). 

So, I woke up this morning and spent 4 hours poking around the site, reimporting photographs, adjusting layouts, discovering pages and widgets and remembering code. It felt fantastic to poke around and reread my old posts and realign myself again. I realized (pretty quickly) that over the past 6 months I meandered off my pathway and lost sight of my goals. It was so good to rediscover that all again and to remind myself of what was important in my life: I hadn’t realized how much I had missed it all.

These past few months have been so busy. As my daughters get older, I realize how much our relationship is changing, growing and developing and how much I am changing and adapting and learning. I continually marvel at these girls and see our hard work as supportive, loving parents develop into honest, hard-working, reliable young women who I love being around. Their lives are interesting and full and I am grateful to be a part of all that and to be included in what they do.


Over the past few months, I created some collage artwork/paintings that are hanging in Algonquin College’s Health Services area. They are on lend for a few months, in the hope that some will be sold. I don’t have high hopes of any of them being sold, really, but I am happy that the nurses and assistants love them and I really enjoyed making them and that’s most important to me: the process. (If you want to get a closer look at individual art pieces, feel free to visit my behance page here: http://www.behance.net/andreaemery)

I support Tshirt1Prior to all these collage paintings, I dabbled in some custom lettering, coming up with an I Support Local Artists tshirt design. I got in touch with the613.com and partnered up with them to offer up the design to the local community and spread some local art love. They were thrilled and printed up a bunch of shirts. If you like what you see, you can order a tshirt here: http://www.the613.com/collections/our-local-talent/products/i-support-local-artists  I also did some handlettering for I Support Local Business but I’m not sure if that will ever get printed up. I thought it was a brilliant idea, myself, but we’ll see if that goes anywhere. (Scroll down to see how I calligraphically support local: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Local-Support/8200747)

Right now, before school begins again in late August, I am working on a new series of paintings. I had hoped to begin this new series months ago but have been so busy, I’m only beginning now. I probably wasn’t in the right mindset to begin any earlier so beginning now is fine. I have other commitments too… too many to mention but enough to keep me out of trouble.

I am so grateful to be blogging again: throwing the words, ideas, images and work out into the universe. I feel energized and positive again — and connected to what’s important.